It's a simple idea: Fast and Easy.
The best of two worlds - a 53ft race boat, ready to win regattas or to cruise in comfort and all at a realistic price. Capable of enduring in tough offshore and trans-ocean race conditions; stylish enough to be the centre of attention at premier sailing locations in the Mediterranean and round the world.

With the potential to win races both on the water and on corrected time under IRC; to win hearts and minds with stylish design and attention to every detail on deck and below.

It's the idea of two experienced owners who started a search for their ideal yacht, and instead found a new market niche, not addressed by other boat builders.

Jason Ker, mastermind of the startling America's Cup 2007 entry “Team Shosholoza” and other impressive IRC-boats like “Magic Glove” (50 feet) or “Tonnerre” (46 feet), accepted the challenge and came up with the blue print of this perfect boat. Discover the new KER53 C/R.

The perfect boat. Winning hearts. And winning races.
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