Even the modern Architecture from Valencia shows some impressive arrangements in the water like waves, dolphins, masts & rigging...

After 6,000 miles on MAERSK Container-vessel the boat was savely trucked from Gibraltar to the America's Cup harbour in Valencia - the best ever place for comissioning and stepping an ambitioned boat like this.

Ongoing boatbuilding in Dubai
People from 13 nations are proudly presenting the first boat KER53 C/R "dralion".

The magic table - to ensure a matching saloon table for all of the various uses of this versatile cruiser-racer, the specialists from DESIGN UNLIMITED have developed a "magic table" exclusively for the KER53 C/R. In the racing mode the long sail tubes can be stowed away safely along the port side of the table - which folds on both sides away to practically nothing! When unfolded it offers comfortable space for a feast for 6 persons or a cosy club table for 8 guests.

The latest images (09/2008) from the PCT boat yard in Dubai show how the inside elements that are manufactured in separate moulds are glued exactly into the inner shell. The wet-preg-infusion-construction used by PCT and the unique contour accuracy ensure a rigidity and weight minimisation that no other cruiser-racer on the market has as yet been able to achieve - a true unique selling point!

Here you'll see the female moulds for hull construction and the oversized mill of 25 x 8 x 3 meters cutting the mould for deck and  cockpit construction out of their raw blocks, fulfilling highest quality and precision standards.